Custom Remaps

Remapping is the highly skilled art of manipulating the maps with the engine ecu to increase power and / or economy of modern cars, Our in-house Calibrator has over 45 years tuning experience.. 

While the Internet seems to be flooded with companies offering remapping, many of these companies have little knowledge of the way an engine works, never mind what they are actually doing to the maps, ECU maps are very complex and inter-related, altering in one map has an impact upon others. That is why it is important to have your vehicle ECU Remapped by someone that actually knows what they are doing rather than just running software tools with templates to generate a duplicate of a file sometimes found "somewhere on the Internet"

Our Custom Remapping process is as follows

  • Our customer makes an an appointment to have the remapping completed
  • A full diagnostic scan of the engine management ECU is completed and any problems found reported to the customer.
  • If everything is working properly the current data is downloaded from the vehicle
  • In most modern vehicles through the vehicle communications socket, sometimes by directly communicating with the ECU.
  • The data file is modified, in line with the customers requirements, this is a manual process, so every car receives a unique Remap or Software Calibration
  • The modified file is loaded back to the ECU
  • The vehicle is then road tested and checked
  • A further engine diagnostic check is performed

How does remapping work?

Remapping is a process where the parameters within the tuning and calibration of the ECU are changed to increase the performance and./or the economy of the engine are modified to improve the characteristics of the engine. There are many maps within an engine ECU, controlling things such as fuelling, timing, boost, acceleration, deceleration and many more. Some examples of 3D models of some maps are shown below.


Why don't the manufacturers tune the engines this way?

You will probably be surprised to discover that the vehicle manufacturers often modify the mapping of their ECU's for marketing reasons, to differentiate between models and specifications for example, with the same engine often being fitted to numerous models of vehicle there has to be a performance difference between their low-specification, regular and "sports" models. This is frequently achieved by de-tuning the cheaper models.

Manufacturers also have to comply with very strict emissions requirements and tests that are performed to meet UK and European testing parameters, these often mean that between 1,700 rpm and 3,000 rpm the engine output is deliberately held-back to pass these tests. Having a negative effect upon both performance and economy. 

ECU Corruption and Incorrect Software

We are also able to repair the damage to the "flash" software held in the Engine ECU, this can be caused by all sorts of issues, problems during software updates and remapping being the most common examples. Even if there is no communication with the engine ECU we can often still resolve the problem. We carry out this kind of work on a regular basis for both trade and retail customers. Send your ecu to the address on the Contact Us page and we will investigate the problem and advise how we can help. Problems like this can also happen when the "Chip" that stores the data becomes damaged, we carry most of the common chips and flash memory in stock and can instal and configure the correct software version as required.