Classic Car Tuning Blog

Its our goal to add photos and details of Classic Cars that we have had in our workshop for mostly tuning work, but also repairs, engine builds and anything else we are asked to do.


We had a really clean Golf GTI in today which has been extensively rebuilt including a recent engine rebuild but failed its MOT on high emissions, a good check over followed including hooking up to our fully functioning, period correct, Crypton Tuner.

The ignition system was working correctly as confirmed by the built in oscilloscope but the Ignition timing was over advanced.

Our 4 Gas MOT Specification Emissions Analyser confirmed that the mixture was rich, hooking up our Wideband o2 allowed us to adjust the Bosch K-Jetronic system to bring the mixture down to below the specifications.

Our customer is bringing the Golf back to have further tweaks and see if performance can be improved on our Rolling Road Dyno.

Datsun 240z

This really smart 240Z with Triple 40DCOE Webber Carbs came to us suffering with flat spots, lumpy idle and poor MPG. 

After making use of our Crypton Tuner it became clear tha there was a problem with the ignition amplifier/Electronic Ignition system, a replacement part was quickly obtained and the system setup and the triple Carbs individually adjusted and balanced so that all cylinders on this 6 cylinder engine are operating at exactly the same time and settings.

A long road test was carried out which confirmed that we had resolved the problems.


AC Cobra 5.7 Litre

This is yet another Big V8 that has been brought to us to have running and idle problems resolved.We wheeled out our trusty Crypton Tuner and carried out adjustments to the ignition system and setup the carbs. We soon had the car setup correctly as shown on our Wideband o2 setup on our Rolling Road Dyno and a road test confirmed that everything was now vastly improved.Our delighted customer called once he got home absolutely stunned by the performance and said his car had never rus so well. Yet another delighted customer.